Rajasthan: Two-year-old girl falls into 200-foot-deep borewell, rescued after seven hours in Dausa | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: Thousands of people — including teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), State Disaster Relief Force (SDRF), civil defence and locals — clapped in joy the moment a two-year-old girl was bailed out from a 200-foot-deep borewell in which she had fallen on Thursday morning near Abhaneri village in Rajasthan’s Dausa district.
Unlike the conventional way when a parallel pit is dug, this time the teams of NDRF, SDRF and locals used a pipe and put a ring-like apparatus attached to the pipe’s end.
The pipe was lowered down into the borewell in a manner that the ring part gets fitted on the waist of Ankita.
The girl was hale and hearty. However, she was taken to the Dausa government hospital for observation.
Deva Gurjar and Laali — the father and mother of Ankita — were in tears when the infant had fallen into the borewell.
At 11am the girl fell into the borewell and her grandfather raised an alarm.
Soon after, the teams of NDRF, SDRF and civil defence rushed to the spot.
Firstly, the administration decided to dig a parallel pit and oxygen supply and a trap camera was put into the borewell.
“We were happy to see the baby’s activity as she attempted to hold the camera. That’s when we discussed and decided to use a different method. An improvised piece of equipment which is a pipe with a ring on its top was used. A local man Madha Ram Suthar made this with the help of PVC pipe and iron ring,” Sushmit Bishwas, additional director general (ADG), SDRF, told TOI.
The incident came to notice at 11.00 when the local administration was in a tizzy.
“Initially we were digging a parallel pit as it was found that it was a borewell in which the grandfather of the girl had got the pipes uprooted and they were planning to close this borewell. They had already put the mud up to a level of 120 feet and the girl was trapped into a depth of around 80 feet. Thankfully, the instrument we used to put on her waist and pull her off worked and we could bail out the girl after the collective efforts of seven hours,” said Sanjiv Nain, superintendent of police, Dausa said.
During the operation, the rescue team got a setback at 3.30pm when rains started.
At 6.45pm when Ankita’s crying sound came to the notice of people everyone, including her mother Laali (27), jumped in joy.
“She was taken to the Dausa’s government hospital for observation. I met her. She is fine,” Nain added.
11am: Two-year-old Anika fell down in a borewell
11.45am: A JCB machine and local police and administration reached at the spot
12.30pm: Oxygen was inserted into the borewell for the girl to breathe well
1.00pm: Rescue operation was to be stopped during rainfall
1.30pm: Three teams of SDRF reached at the spot
2.15pm: A trap camera reached at the girl to see her movements
3.20pm: Administration asked for help from NDRF
5.15pm: A pipe having ring on its front was inserted in the borewell to pull off the girl
6.40pm: The girl was taken out by the teams

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