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Nidhi Chaudhary is an Indian social media influencer, lawyer, and astrologer. In 2022, she was brutally trolled on social media in one of her Twitter videos for not wearing a blouse underneath her saree.


Nidhi Chaudhary was born on Tuesday, 6 August 1991 (age 31 years; as of 2022) in Delhi. Nidhi did her schooling at New Green Field School, New Delhi. Soon after completing her schooling, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Kamala Nehru College, New Delhi. She then pursued a Master of Arts degree in Political Science. Nidhi also acquired a Bachelor of Law degree from Delhi University, India. According to Nidhi, she was fascinated with makeup and fashion styling since childhood. Later, she pursued a Diploma in Fashion Styling.
A childhood image of Nidhi Chaudhary

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 4″
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black
Figure Measurements (approx.): 36-26-32


Nidhi Chaudhary belongs to the Maithil Brahmin family of Bihar.

Parents & Siblings

A collage shared by Nidhi Chaudhary with her mother
Nidhi Chaudhary’s picture with her parents
Nidhi Chaudhary’s childhood image with her brother

Husband & Children

Nidhi Chaudhary is unmarried.


Nidhi Chaudhary follows Hinduism.


In 2017, Nidhi Chaudhary started her YouTube channel ‘Nidhi Chaudhary.’ On her YouTube channel, she posts vlogs related to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, relationships, movie reviews, life, and spirituality. As of 2022, she has more than 505k subscribers on YouTube.
A snip from Nidhi Chaudhary’s first YouTube vlog-Radyance Brightening Complex Honest Review (2015)


In September 2022, Nidhi Chaudhary posted an astrology video on Twitter in which she was seen explaining the supposed correlation between kindness and the reduced impact of Saturn. In the video, she was wearing a blue saree sans blouse. Soon after, many netizens started brutally trolling Nidhi on Twitter for her outfit. A user wrote,
“For me, you are an underprivileged woman right now, who couldn’t afford a blouse. Give me your bank account details, will transfer some money to buy one. What example are you setting for our youth? Astrology is Vedic science and this is no way to use it. Cheap!!!”
Nidhi Chaudhary in a still from the Twitter video- An astrology vlog which was captioned “One of the best remedies for Saturn Shani is to never exploit your helpers & help the underprivileged people”
And another user made a tweet in which he offered to send her money to stitch a blouse. Later, Nidhi reacted to the snide comments and wrote,
What a day it was It was funny but shocking that people are so much concerned about my clothes rather their own life & other problems of the society. Well.. I had a good time. Thank you everyone.”
Subsequently, memes about Nidhi Chaudhary’s blouse began to circulate on Twitter shortly after her video went viral.
A meme shared by a troll about Nidhi Chaudhary


  • YouTuber: Shreya Jain (makeup artist)


  • Soon after completing her degree in law, Nidhi started her career as a lawyer; however, in 2016, she left her job to pursue a career in fashion vlogging.
  • In 2016, Nidhi Chaudhary was diagnosed with severe chickenpox. Later, she was advised complete rest for two months.
    An image shared by Nidhi Chaudhary after she was diagnosed with Chickenpox
  • Nidhi consumes alcohol and is often spotted consuming alcohol on various occasions.
    Nidhi Chaudhary posing with a glass of wine
  • Nidhi Chaudhary claims herself a ‘psychic.’ A psychic is a person who appears to possess, extra-sensory abilities such as pre-cognition, clairvoyance, and telepathy.
  • In 2021, Nidhi Chaudhary made a Facebook post in which she mentioned Kangana Ranaut as ‘the cheapest celebrity.’ In the Facebook post, Nidhi quoted,
    Kangana Ranaut is the cheapest celebrity. Most cheapest woman. She is insane. Her brain is full of garbage and shit. God please stop this vicious lady, my heart cries after seeing her posts. God please help her, Sudhaar do iss pagal aurat ko.Ab jo uske liye ladne aayega toh please mujhe delete karo abi ke abhi ya mai block kar dungi.”
  • Nidhi has her parent’s name inked on her left hand, the word ‘blessed’ inked on the upper limb of her right hand, a tattoo on her left ankle, and a tattoo on her back.
    Nidhi Chaudhary’s tattoos

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