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History of Maharana Pratap

Those who do not give up even in the most difficult situation. They also live by losing. – Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was a renowned man of his time. Everyone admired him due to his character. His courage is world-renowned. He gave up his throne to the freedom of his homeland and the power of the Rajputs. He lived his time in the jungle, but did not surrender to the wrath of the Mughals, who were the source of his inspiration. Maharana Pratap’s courage and self-respect remain forever immortalized through the pages historical records.

History of Maharana Pratap – Maharana Pratap History

Maharana Pratap was born the 9th of May 1540, in Mewar (Rajasthan). The king’s son was Rana Udai Singh of the Mewar Shishodia dynasty. The name of his mother was Jaiwantabai. She was the daughter of Sonagara Akaraj of Pali. Maharana Pratap’s birthday anniversary is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Tritiya of Jyestha month each year, according to the Vikram Samvat calendar. Maharana Pratap received the encouragement of good morals, understanding of weapons and the defense of his faith from his parents in the early years of his life. Because of this, Maharana Pratap was brave, courageous, self-confident and a lover of freedom.
Maharana Pratap was honored at Gogunda. Afraid of Akbar his father, Rapala Pratap’s father Uday Singh retreated from Mewar and settled at the foot of the Aravalli mountain, and declared Udaipur his capital city. But, Mewar was also under the rule of his son. Maharana Udai Singh handed over the throne of his younger son upon his death and this was in violation of norms. Following the death of Uday Singh The Rajput chieftains partnered to install Maharana Pratap as the new king of Mewar on the date of 1628 Falgun Shukla 15. i.e. 1 March 1576.
When he first ascended Mewar’s throne Mewar the Mewar throne, he was faced with unimaginable challenges, at the time, half of Mewar fell under Mughal rule. The Mughal Emperor Akbar attempted for his own suzerainty to remainder of Mewar. However, with a lot of patience and determination the king fought off every catastrophe.
It was the capital city of the kingdom, Udaipur. The border of the state was Mewar. Pratap was in power from 1576 until 1597 AD. The belief was the Yavan, Turks could easily strike Udaipur and, following the guidance of Feudal lords Pratap quit Udaipur to establish Kumbhalgarh and Gogunda hills his main area of control.
Many families in Rajasthan were influenced by Akbar’s power, however Maharana Pratap battled to preserve his dynasty, and did not give in to Akbar. In recognition of this, Akbar sent his peace representatives to Maharana Pratap in total four times. However, he refused.

Battle of Haldighati: –

The Battle of Haldighati is one of the most significant events to the story of India. This war was fought on the 18th of June 1576 for a period of about four hours. A violent battle was fought in the battle between Mewar with the Mughals. In this war, Maharana Pratap’s troops were commanded by the sole Muslim Sardar Hakim Khan Suri and the Mughal army was headed by Mansingh as well as Asaf Khan. Maharana Pratap’s army was manned by only 20,000 troops and Akbar’s army had 85000 soldiers. The courage he displayed there is unparalleled in Indian the history of India. He defended the honor of his ancestors, and pledged to not eat state pleasures until he had liberated his kingdom. Since then, he has been sleeping on the ground as he walked through between the loaves and in the grass that grew in the Aravalli forests, however He refused to take kindly to the subjugation to his Mughal emperor. He sacrificed his life to defend his country.
In this battle Hakim Khan Sur a loyal to Maharana as well as many brave friends such as Bhamashah as well as Jhalaman were also killed in the fight, securing Maharana’s life.
Maharana Pratap’s horse of choice ‘ ChetakWas. He stayed with his master until his final breath. Chetak was an extremely clever and courageous horse that helped save Maharana Pratap by leaping from the 26-foot deep canopy, threatening his own life. In contrast, Mughal cavalry was unable to get over the drain.
Despite attempting for 30 days, Akbar was unable to take Maharana Pratap in captivity. Akbar was also deeply saddened by the demise of Maharana Pratap who was the hero who struggled for a long period with the strength of his Akbar. He was aware that heroes like Maharana Pratap are hard to find anywhere in the world. The ideal of courage that Maharana Pratap displayed was distinctive. The challenges he faced were extremely complex, yet Pratap did not give up.
Poetry of the Mughal court Abdur Rahman wrote, ‘Everything in the world is bound to come to an end. Wealth will disappear however the characteristics of a man who is great will never cease to exist. Pratap has given up his wealth, but he never raised his head. Pratap was able to keep his honor in the throne of Hind. Once more, when his predecessor US president Abraham Lincoln was visiting India and requested the mother of his… which do I need to bring from India His mother told him that you must take the earth that is Haldighati from India that a lot of soldiers have soaked by their blood.
If the Rajputs can achieve an honorable place in Indian history The credit for this is mostly at the feet of Rana Pratap. He didn’t let his country be destroyed or diminished. The sunshine that was the Mughal Empire was sunk but the splendor of Rana Pratap remains radiant. Even now his name Maharana Pratap is an inspiration to many Indians. The self-respect of Rana Pratap is the main reason for Bharat Mata.
Death In the end, as a result of injuries sustained while hunts, Maharana Pratap went to heaven on the 19th of January, 1597, in Chawand.

Maharana Pratap had a total of 11 ranias. The names are as follows – Maharana Pratap Wives Name

Maharani Azbade Punwar, Amarbai Rathore, Ratnawatibai Parmar, Jasobai Chauhan, Phool Bai Rathore, Shahmatibai Hada, Champabai Jhati, Khichar Asha Bai, Alamdebai Chauhan, Lakhabai, Solankhinipur Bai.

Names of all 17 sons of Maharana Pratap: –

Amar Singh, Bhagwan Das, Sheikh Singh, Kunwar Durjan Singh, Kunwar Ram Singh, Kunwar Raibhana Singh, Chanda Singh, Kunwar Hathi Singh, Kunwar Natha Singh, Kunwar Garbage Singh, Kunwar Kalyan Das, Sahas Mall, Kunwar Jaswant Singh, Kunwar Puran Mall , Kunwar Gopal, Kunwar Sanwal Das Singh, Kunwar Mal Singh.

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